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- Brita Vija Brookes -
Author, Graphic Designer, Illustrator

Brita is the daughter of Latvian exile Zigrida Berzins (Ziggy) and the granddaughter of Zelma and Janis. Brita is a senior marketing specialist, graphic designer and photographer. She has a Masters degree from Harvard University and Bachelor of Science degree from The University of Michigan in Architecture. With a foundation in the arts, architecture and design from her education, Brita is involved in numerous arts, cultural, and design related events and projects.  As a nature lover, she can be found during her free

time in the great outdoors gardening, hiking, swimming, kayaking, biking, photographing and just enjoying all that the natural world has to offer

and embracing its healing powers. Her appreciation of design and

nature is something that she feels strongly connects her to

her Latvian heritage and ancestors.

- Mara Virsis Palty -
Editor, Translator for Latvian Language 

Mara Virsis Palty is a retired physical therapist who grew up
among Latvian immigrants in West Michigan. She was born to Latvian parents at the Displaced Persons camp at Esslingen, Germany after World War II and came to the United States in 1950.
In her youth she attended Latvian Saturday school, Latvian summer camp, and was a member of Latvian Girl Scouts.  
As an adult she sang
in a Latvian choir in Grand Rapids, MI and has made five trips to Latvia. Mara is the author of the fiction book entitled Amber Waves, which
tells the tale of three Latvian women. She is the translator for our
first Latvian language storybook Bruno the Turtle.
We are looking forward to creating more books!

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